Monday, June 4, 2012

Yes, Paul I have. 

Actually, I have written five novels and finally one of them is available. Here is a link to the Facebook page, and one to the page

But, I am getting ahead of the intention for this blog. First off, I love travel, adventure and good writing to accompany same. Travel takes you places, adventure makes your heart hammer and good writing slakes your mind's thirst. My novel, Dominion is set in Zambia, a country in Africa and is focused on the drama surrounding the unique way an ancient grove of teak is guarded.

last page.jpgPouncing on a last-minute opportunity to do field research, college professor Doug Thompson journeys to Africa, where conflict alters his assignment as if leading him then hurtles the city dweller onward until he is embroiled in the mysterious murder of a boy in the night. After a succession of intriguing events, far from communication, comfort and safety but not alone, Doug dead-ends in a rough shelter on an island in the middle of a primordial forest and learns that an ancient prophecy guards the trees.
A hard rain begins to fall and the river floods.
Trapped in hot, humid darkness with Doug is an eclectic band of adventures. Through illuminating discourse and happenstance, the group evolves as they struggle to unravel the prophecy and survive the animistic killer.   
Clever, keen and authentic, providing ample moment-genuine thrills, Dominion is a suspenseful cryptozoological adventure surrounded by the sights, sounds, smells and cultures of modern Africa. A fresh, fashionable tale of transformation that congers visceral imagery and takes you away with daydreams or nightmares of exciting travel to an exotic locale.   


More soon.

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